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0010 100 - Circular glass and chrome dining table.
140cm diameter, that reduces to 140cm x 90cm.
Excellent quality and good condition
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0004Three-wheel mobility aid. Folds flat.
0005Bed rail. Slips under mattress to provide firm support when getting in and out of bed.


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I live in Loosley Row and founded a charity - ChildCare Malawi, which provides practical assistance for disadvantaged children and ongoing support for their families. I need good quality items to send to one of the poorest countries in the world, and welcome donations of:

Children's clothes suitable for a warm climate
Picture and reference books for primary school age
Simple educational toys and games that don't require batteries
Towels and bedlinen
Laptops and unlocked mobile phones

Sleeveless or short-sleeved white wedding dresses
Bridal shoes and jewellery
Veils, tiaras and hair accessories
Dresses for wedding guests and clutch bags
Bridesmaid dresses

Please visit our website for more information or contact me if you have any queries.

To Contact Clare Clements
Click ChildCare Malawi


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