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DART teaches regular classes in the Defence Attack & Resolution Tactics Practical Karate System and Blauer Tactical System's Personal Defense Readiness� programme. Our regular classes improve your ability to defend yourself as quickly as possible by providing advanced coaching in the necessary psychological and physical skills. Once you start training with us, you will focus on the most common forms of violence in the United Kingdom. Effective self defence can be taught in as little as a one day course, but we also offer regular classes because we know that our students enjoy our training methods as a great way to keep fit, and wish to have fun and learn more.

We believe in transferable skills. We all have so little time these days and so much we want to do, that's why our programme will improve more than just your personal safety.

Would you like to burn away some of those pounds? We will improve your strength and muscle tone.
Would you like to become more flexible? When you train with us, we can show you how.
Would you like to improve your co-ordination? You can build on your natural responses and improve your reaction time.
Would you like to improve your balance? You will soon find your feet when you are in our classes.
Do you have problems with your temper? You may find that when you train with us our padwork and aerobic drills will let you burn off steam and the friendly atmosphere will help you relax and absorb our psychological training that improves focus and keeps you in control.

Our classes are enjoyable and effective and attract a wide variety of people. You want intelligent, safe and dynamic training for the modern environment, and we have the solution for you. When you see the more detailed information on our classes through the link to our website, you may feel relieved to have found the type of training you had in mind.

DART is also an approved specialist provider of self defence, restraint, breakaway and legal training for people working in the private and public sector. If you would like to receive the best training available in those fields, visit our website now to find out more about what we can offer

St John's CE School Mondays 7 - 8, 8 - 9 PM.