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Lacey Green
Youth Club

This is the area I would like to devote to our own very successful Youth Club

(still awaiting content from a volunteer)

Hello ("Dramatic Sounds") it's true, has set aside a page for Hallmark's very own youth page.

This page will take the purpose of hosting all of the vastly extravagant art competitions, all of the blog-ey stuff and all (if not most) of the childish and generaly amusing content that we havent put in the Hallmark page.

Pictures of the week

There is a cristian youth group being held by Lizzie Davies

at Collins Farm, Lower Road, Loosley Row, on the first Sunday in the month from 5.15pm to 7.15pm. On the third Sunday of the month we meet in church at 5pm for 5.15pm to 6pm alternative service. This is a relaxed informal worship service led by the youth and leaders. After the service we go back to Collins Farm until 7.15pm, for supper and social time together.

Things that should probably get done exept there is no one who is readily willing to do them, hence this column, which lists a load of stuff that would be cool if some little "good samaritan" would come along and do stuff

1. someone to actually put some things down