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Red kite




Red kite


Coronovirus - Local changes

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New Residents

Village Shop Hours + Library service

Youth Club - Meeting Dates



Village Hall

160 square metres provide for a maximum of 150 people seated. Actual dimensions are 19.8 x 8 meters.

Also available - a meeting room 5.4 x 3.1 meters with a large oval table easily removed if required.

Speen Helping Hospices
Now on Line - click-(SHH)
February - Valentine’s raffle
Click - Win home delivered meal
Please help support

One Can Food Bank



PR Rotary Club We are trying to help volunteers meeting local needs that urgently require financial support. Individuals/organisations Please donate via Just Giving so we can continue supporting your community.
Donations you make will be paid out to local charities in full.


Community helpers, street champions and telephone co-ordinators needed for shopping, identifying and taking calls for those unable to help themselves.

For more information please contact
Eileen on 275940 or click to email.

All Recycling Centres
Open 9am-6pm every day

There are many conditions and restrictions click for Details


Risborough Shops On-line

Basket Scheme to operate Lacey Green/Loosely Row

Tuesdays and Fridays at 3pm.

There will be drop off hubs and local volunteers will deliver your orders to your doorstep

Click To Order

We would like support from both villages to make this scheme successful and to support our local town.

Not All Bad

I like the silence the country so quiet
We can't eat out but thats good for the diet

We are buying local like folk used to do
avoiding big stores and busy streets too.

You can walk to Hampden or Denner Hill
across the fields and past the windmill

You can tidy the garden or make a deep bed
plant all your veggies and clear out the shed.

So its not all bad there is lots to do
just don t stay indoors while the sky is blue!

Chris Boll


Lacey Green Stores
*** Closed until further notice ***

Lacey Green Stores
in the Village Hall.
Now in its 10th year.

Open Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 12 noon.


We hope you are making use of the Store which includes a Post Office Monday and Thursday morning and a Library Service - see below.

It is well stocked with items that are most needed on a day to day basis and prices are competitive. There is something for every one including milk, pet food, sweets, washing powder and biscuits.

You can order a paper and save a trip to Naphill or town.

If you think other items should be stocked, please let us know and we will do our best to include them.

We do not sell alcohol and cigarettes as these pose a security risk but most other non-perishable items are on display.

The shop is run by a team of volunteers under the control of the Lacey Green Community Planning Group and is also supported by the Village Hall Committee. We can always use more volunteers, so if you would like to help please e-mail: Angela Roberts

Library Service

The shop now includes a click and collect library service.

Not a library member - Join here (Register)

Order a Book:
On the Library site you can change 'Anywhere' to Author, Title or Subject and then enter details to search.
OK will produce a list of books. Click in the tiny box alongside a book to select it.
At the very top or bottom of the list click on Reserve Selections and then enter your library card details
Click OK and then click on Change pick-up location where you can select Lacey Green.

The shop has a computer for you to use if you don't, and they will guide you through the process. You also return your book to the shop.


Walking the Chilterns?

Click Wild Flowers for a pictorial list of all you can spot.



The villages of Lacey Green and Loosley Row are set together in the heart of the Chiltern Hills in an area of outstanding natural beauty where you can catch frequent sights of wildlife ranging from deer and foxes to the growing population of Red Kites, previously extinct in England.

Our Villages from the East
Our Villages looking East

We also have a renowned School, numerous walks and the oldest Smock Windmill in England.


Notwithstanding, being a little higher up on a nice day the evening sky in the West remains blue long after sunset, the latter frequently being a view in itself.


Village Youth Club

School Year 6 or older can join at the Village Hall

Click Application form , print, complete and bring with you to join the Youth Club.

Youngsters playing tennis

Please help support your Youth Club, come setup and clear away occasionally.

Dates of Youth Club meetings

7.30 - 9pm

Closed until further notice

Membership £5 plus £2 per session and there is a tuck shop.

Buckinghamshire Children and Young People's
Family Information Service

EQUIPMENT: We are always looking for kit for young people to entertain themselves. Have you anything sitting in the garage or loft you don't use and we can? Please use our e-mail below - need to be local.

Please email us at: Youth

Lacey Green & Loosley Row

This Website,
Hallmark - the village magazine,
and the Village Hall itself

are all managed by
The Village Hall Management Committee.

If you have anything to include or say about Village matters then please inform us via the Contact Us page.


What you'll find on the site


This site started in June 2008 and continues to grow. It provides as much information about the village and surrounding area as one might anicipate people will want to know.

We welcome suggestions on content. Please use the contact us page for any contributions.

We have a Places of Local Interest page and a Hallmark archive - the latter is our village magazine and the later versions are in colour. We have pages for all the village clubs including amateur dramatics, a choir and indoor bowls to name only a few; an ever expanding History section, and for our Advertisers.

Can't find a house-name - we have published a house-name directory which we are updating - select House Finder from mainmenu.

So if you need something to do or someone to do something, its all here.

Village news and all the Club activities will be ever changing features so if you have nothing to do or want to plan ahead, check here first.



New Residents Welcome

If you become aware of someone just moved into the Villages please e-mail: Mike Piercy. Names are not essential, just the address.

We have a comprehensive Welcome Pack delivered by Mike, full of local information which all new visitors have been pleased to receive. We also feel, and hope they do too, that this is a wonderful gesture.


Winter 2008/9

Look closer - it's snowing